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The Almost Official Lowdown On The Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung's Nick DeCarlo Is Expected To Make The Samsung Galaxy S II announcement Monday photo: TDG LLC 2011

I very vividly remember arriving at a rooftop party for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S in the United States. National recording artist B.O.B performed and we were exposed to all four Samsung Galaxy S variants at the same time and the features, apps, and hardware that came with it.

I also remember joking with Aaron from Phonedog and Phil from Android Central about how Samsung had released all of the information before we had arrived in New York, so basically it was photos, videos and rundowns but no big surprises.  Fast forward to next week and it should be the same.  Although Samsung has been known to serve up a curveball every now and then.  Like last year before the original Samsung Galaxy Tab was released we had our hands on an official press release that only had 2 of the four carriers. By the time we had arrived for the event all four carriers were on board.

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Now we are aware that in this digital age that even the Wall Street Journal has gotten a story or two (or 100) wrong however they reported Thursday that the Samsung Galaxy S II will launch on Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.  Verizon seems to have been left out, or not reached an agreement with Samsung.  (more on that in a minute).  The journal went on to say that the Sprint version, equipped with WiMax (4G), would be the first out of the gate.  This jives with the rumor that we would could see a September 8th launch on Sprint.

As for Verizon, their main spokesperson Brenda Raney went on the record telling the Wall Street Journal:

“We have an extensive portfolio that offers customers a great variety of devices, including the Samsung Droid Charge,”

The fact that Raney compared the Droid Charge to the Samsung Galaxy S II is a story in itself. The Droid Charge is no Galaxy S II.  There’s nothing wrong with the Droid Charge, it’s a great phone and I prefer it over the Thunderbolt, however it’s bulky and the battery life leaves something to be desired.

Some folks are speculating that Verizon isn’t launching the Samsung Galaxy S II because it wants to protect it’s new found relationship with Apple who are rumored to be launching the iPhone 5 this quarter.  Others are suggesting that Verizon is skipping the Samsung Galaxy S II because they are the carrier for the Ice Cream Sandwich flagship phone being dubbed the “Nexus Prime”.

Now keep in mind that in addition to that Samsung press release on the Galaxy Tab, the Wall Street Journal had been one of the outlets to report that the original Tab was only headed to two carriers so we could get to New York Monday and see Verizon with the other three carriers.

The Journal also hints at a $199 price with a new two year agreement on the other three carriers.

Stay tuned Monday for the official word.

Source: FierceWireless


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