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Texting Or Chatting In A Texas School Zone Could Be Costly

Do you live in the great state of Texas? Well you better listen up.  Texas has some of the stiffest penalties for breaking driving laws in Texas school zones.  If you get caught using a hand held cell phone for texting or talking in a Texas school zone you need to be prepared to pay fines which on the average run $235.

Allstate insurance recently researched school zone violations in the state of Texas. They specifically honed in on penalties delivered to drivers for not using a hands free device while on their cell phone, while driving through a school zone.  They found that the highest tickets for that infraction were $327 in Corpus Christi, Frisco, New Braunfels and Pearland.

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That’s a mighty high fine to remind someone to pick up some milk on the way home from picking up Johnny from school.  Although Allstate didn’t break the numbers down demographically, in calling around to municipal police departments the general consensus is that a lot of these violators are students themselves who can’t wait to jump on the phone when they get in the car to talk to that bff they just sat next to in English class.

Texas requires that you have a hands free device when using your cell phone and also give fines for those texting and driving which obviously takes more concentration off the road than even having a phone conversation.

Here is how the rest of the State of Texas handed out chatting and texting tickets:

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