Texas Instruments Making Battery Life A Priority

Sometimes people don’t realize in their smartphone they are carrying a mini computer capable of doing things we could only dream about, even back at the start of the new millennium.  Battery life is often the most talked about issue when it comes to any smartphone, but it’s especially plagued the Android user.

Good battery life on a smartphone,  or Android phone is 6 to 8 hours.  Most smartphone owners keep a charger at the house, the office and in the car.  These users don’t get a clear picture of what the smartphone battery can or cannot do. The worst part is, those users using multiple chargers still only get a few extra hours.

One of the biggest draws on battery life is the processor. It seems Texas Instruments recognizes that and is planning on working their next OMAP processors up to a full days battery life.

Texas Instrument’s Tim Carlson said in an interview that they plan for the next OMAP processor will offer “true all day computing”. Carlson wouldn’t say exactly how long all day computing would be but we are hoping that it’s truly all day.

source: Phandroid