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TDG LIVE BLOG: Samsung Galaxy S II Launch

6:49pm: Thats a wrap its playtime

6:48pm: Galaxy S II does HDMI mirroring, Kim Titus coming back

6:48pm: Gavin going over Social Hub, social hub has been improved with new Linked In and Facebook functionality

6:45pm: Clicking the radio buttons on the bottom of the SGSII will take you to that corresponding home screen. A similar functionality is ready for the app drawer

6:44pm: We’ve removed some of the “chicklets”

6:44pm: new touch wiz interface, much cleaner

6:44pm: Gavin Kim, Kim Titus, you see Samsung likes the name Kim

6:43pm: Gavin Kim introduces Kies Air

6:42pm: Saying “Hey Galaxy” will wake up the phone

6:42pm: Integrated a very robust, very capable voice control in partnership with Vlingo

6:40PM: Media Hub premium content platform.  Manage content across multiple devices

6:39pm: wow they are rushing through this thing… bet its a marathon to JFK

6:38PM: Gavin Kim: Exchange active sync, improved security and useability of email, calendar and contact applications on SGSII. Security: built in a hardware based chipset that allows data encryption with superior device for local database storage and removable memory.  Supports SSO/VPN from any connect and F5

6:37pm: Bigger battery, but Nicks not going to stop here, here comes Gavin Kim

6:37pm: Galaxy S II supports Google Talk with video

6:36pm: Photo and Video editors on board you can add stills into videos and set soundtrack

6:35pm: Samsung Camera enhancements nick says the best camera phone pictures you can take

6:35PM” Thinnest 4G Smartphone on any carrier that its on

6:35pm: Exonys C210 dual core processor, highest megabits per second of video, Nothing is going to look better .. Nick

6:34pm Nick’s going over SuperAMOLED plus

6:34pm running Android 2.3 and new version of TouchWiz

6:32PM Pendleton has invited our man Nick DiCarlo onstage

6:31PM  Kim Titus has announced new Chief Marketing Officr Todd Pendleton (sp) he comes from Nike

6:26PM Kim Titus just said 5 minutes. This is going to be on a TIGHT TIGHT schedule most of the journalists (us included) and Samsung are leaving immediately following for IFA in Berlin

6:17pm Im getting the feeling this isn’t going to be the bust em up party they had last year for Galaxy S I launch with B.O.B.

6:15PM Press releases out and press kit in hand T-Mobile’s version is definitely the Samsung Galaxy S II not the Hercules

6:08 PM We’re in and this place will fill up quickly

6:05PM: We’re here ready to roll doors are opening. Early official word is that the T-Mobile device IS NOT called Hercules just simply Samsung Galaxy S II. More on that in a few minutes. Russell and Cameron are helping immensely with the coverage.

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