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Steve Jobs = Ronald McDonald

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This is an op-ed if you couldn’t tell by the silly title.

I was waiting to take in my thoughts before I did the obligatory Steve Jobs reaction piece.  Some of our Twitter followers got me thinking and I’m ready so here it is:

Steve Jobs wasn’t just the CEO of Apple he was a tech industry icon, in fact he is an American icon.  He had or even still has the power to motivate people even with his nonchalant laid back enthusiasm.  People hang on to the words he says and not just your Android hating iOS fan boys. Come on admit it you watch the Apple news just as much as you watch the Android news.  Most of you watch live blogs of WWDC events or attend them the same way you watch streams from I/O.

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I have no idea who it was but someone once said, and I don’t know if I read it or heard it in a press room at an event, but they said that Steve Jobs could stand up on stage and tell the millions of Apple loyalists, enthusiasts and users that he was going to create the most epic computer in the world and he wasn’t going to use the internet anymore they were going to make their own i-internet, and with baited breath and confusion across the faces of many, they would follow.

I still stand by the statement I made on Twitter to the effect that I can’t think of another CEO with this iconic power that Steve Jobs has.  A lot of the things we do in the day to day operations of Thedroidguy are calculated.  Did you know that our Apps Editor, Elijah Ketchum, who has been with us for two years is  a 16 year old junior in high school. The minute the news hit that Jobs had resigned as CEO of Apple, Elijah got the call to write the story. Why because he is 16 and how many CEO’s can a “typical” 16 year old name off. I’ll bet you if you want to a high school in anytown USA and asked who was the CEO of Apple most of the students would say Steve Jobs.  Do you think we’d get the same result for Google at the moment?

With the way social media tends to skew, especially in terms of Facebook, I’d bet those same students could probably tell you that Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. But could they tell you that Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey were the followers of Twitter?

I would never equate Jobs to one of the world or national tragedies of my time but let me ask you this, what were you doing the day that Bill Gates turned the reigns of Microsoft over to Steve Ballmer, better yet can you even tell me the month and the year?

I always credit the pre-creation of Android to Andy Rubin, Danger and the hiptop, but the touch screen form factor of smartphones we have today, come on theres a reason that Apple is attempting to sue everyone.  Now I love the fact that at Steve Wozniak’s Engadget show appearance he gave credit to Android for coming up with features first and we will always have innovation, variety and first with features in our cap but how much fun would being an Android fan and defending Android be if it was just Android vs RIM or WP7.

So really I’m in my mid 30s so what’s the deal with the silly headline. Well since the news broke about Steve Jobs Ive been trying to think of another iconic CEO of a company that the world knew the way we know Steve Jobs. I couldn’t think of one. I mean I’ve read great books by Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch and even Sam Walton but what CEO can be tied with American Culture the way Steve Jobs can?

There are a lot of CEO’s in the Android ecosystem that I’m a fan of. I for one think Dan Hesse is a great guy and has really turned Sprint around.  It’s also awesome to see Lowell McAdam go through the ranks on Verizon’s wireless side to become CEO of Verizon. Ralph de la Vega at AT&T is a champion and a fighter.  Larry Page at Google is a start-ups CEO with vision and intensity.  Eric Schmidt, as awkward as he is, has seen Google become a world wide Goliath of sorts.  Peter Chou and JK Shin, there is nothing like going to an event and seeing those two back to back.  But are any of these guys at this point in their careers as iconic as Steve Jobs.

Apple has a logo the Apple but not a mascot like our beloved Andy (OK Bug Droid Dan Morrill) so Steve Jobs is there mascot, their cheerleader their icon.  So yes as I’m feeling right this second, 6 or so hours after Steve Jobs’ resignation, Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple would be like McDonalds switching their mascot out from Ronald McDonald.

Oh yeah and while we’re at it I’m not going to let us forget that like Dan Hesse, Steve Jobs, as CEO always delivered the keynotes at his developer conference… Google.. not so much


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