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Stericson To Be Community Judge Of $25,000 Developer Challenge, And Speak About What He’s Working On.

One of the most well known and well liked Android developers in the community, Stephen Erickson, better known as Stericson, has been chosen to be the community judge for the 2011 Android Homecoming/Viewdle $25,000 developer challenge.  Stericson will work hand in hand with 4 other judges to decide who is worthy of the $25,000 prize and possible development deal with Viewdle Inc.

In addition, Stericson has been a bit more low key lately and people want to know what’s up.  Well with the help of Thedroidguy Stericson was able to leave his previous employer, Clearwire, for a full time Android developer position with  Based in the Washington DC area was one of the favorite new start ups at TechCrunch Disrupt earlier this year.  They have a totally different way of reporting the news that will catch on like wildfire.

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At the Android Homecoming you’ll be able to see what Stericson’s been working on lately.

Finally, as Stericson is a community favorite, he is riding the Android Barbecue Bound, Texas Instruments bus.  Of course on the ride itself he’ll probably be coding away at the Android version of meporter but he’ll be on the bus with 40 other crazy Android enthusiasts who have decided to make a week long Android vacation out of both the Android Homecoming and the Big Android BBQ.

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