Sprint’s OG Samsung Galaxy Tab $99 At K-Mart

You learn something new everyday, I had no idea you could get wireless on-contract devices at K-Mart.  Now we’ve also learned via our friends at Intomobile and Sprintfeed that the original Samsung Galaxy Tab is discounted to just $99.

If you’re looking for a solid 7″ tablet and can handle not having Android 3.x Honeycomb as the operating system, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab may be what you’re looking for, at $99 it’s just about a no brainer.  The original Samsung Galaxy Tab was released last year at IFA in September.  It came out with Android 2.2 Froyo and has been updated to Gingerbread.

Although it’s using a “phone” operating system it gives you the real estate needed to do bigger things and work on it longer period of time. It also has a great display and handles movies, and music very well. It has two cameras, a single core processor, 3G/4G capability and a memory card slot.

Kmart bills it as instant savings, much like when you buy a device at BestBuy. There is no word on when the sale ends so if you’re thinking about it, jump on it. We also assure you that this is a better tablet for the money then some of the other asian knock offs and lower end tablets with resistive touch screens.

Source: SprintFeed via Intomobile