Sprint Lowers The Price Of The Nexus S 4G To $29.99, Free Elsewhere

With the onslaught of high end Android phones expected between now and the Christmas holiday shopping season, Sprint seems to be blowing out their Samsung Nexus S stock.  The Samsung Nexus S 4G is the follow up to the developer hit Nexus One that was produced by HTC.

In Monday’s press conference to highlight the Google acquisition of Motorola, Andy Rubin defended the process for which the OEM to produce the Nexus branded device is chosen.  According to Rubin, Motorola will still need to bid with the other Android OEM’s around Christmas time for next years Nexus device. After the OEM is chosen Google will team with that OEM to chose the vendors for the rest of the components for the device.

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In speaking with a former Android team member we found out that the Nexus One was late and the Nexus S was a little later than they wanted.  Keeping that in mind (as many sites are now speculating) the next Nexus device could show up in October or November.  Also, with a single core processor up against all the dual core processors out there now, the Samsung Nexus S 4G isn’t what it was a mere 10 months ago.

Don’t get us wrong for one second though, it’s a vanilla Android device, has a great feel and contour and is on Sprint’s 4G network so you may want to pick one of these up especially at $29.99 or free.

Source: Unwired

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