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Sprint Customers Use The Most Data

It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that Sprint customers, with their truly unlimited plans, use the most data.  Sprint will continue to have a very good value proposition to those considering hopping carriers as long as they keep pumping out unlimited data.

Of course at some point this may start dragging on Sprint’s network and Clearwire isn’t exactly lighting up 4G markets at the rate and speed of CDMA rival Verizon.  However, as long as Sprint wants to give away the data, the users are going to take it.  In a study published by Consumer Reports today and performed by Validas, over 47,000 phone bills were studied from July 2010 to June 2011.

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The study found that Sprint’s midpoint users on average 371MB of data per month, which is twice that of AT&T. However the average smartphone user on Sprint uses 779MB of data per month. The next highest is AT&T with 425mb of data per month, most likely stemming from their 3 year lead time with Apple’s iPhone.

Although these numbers may be startling to the bean counters in Kansas City at Sprint’s corporate office, the way they are running the Sprint Unlimited TV ads it looks like there is no end in sight to Sprint’s unlimited data offerings.  Sprint customers can get unlimited data, unlimited text and unlimited mobile to any mobile for $79.99 a month.  Also, Sprint customers using the Overdrive hotspot can get unlimited 4G connectivity in any of Sprint’s 4G markets with multiple devices connected.

Right now, if you need data, Sprint may be the place to go.

Source: Consumer Reports via Mobile Burn

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