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Sprint Adds No Contract Data Plans For HTC Evo View 4G Tablets

If you’ve been thinking about getting the Sprint HTC Evo View 4G and were put off by the thought of putting it on a contract, Sprint has fixed that issue.

Starting today, Sprint has unveiled some “prepaid” or “Pay as you go” data plans for the HTC Evo View 4G.  There are three plans, a day pass, week pass and month pass. The day pass plan gives you 50 more mb of data than Verizon or AT&T’s current day pass offerings.  Sprint’s weekly pass gives you 500mb of data  opposed to the 300mb on AT&T and Verizon. Finally the monthly pass gives you 500mb more data than the 1gb monthly pass for Verizon and AT&T.

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Sprint has started to realize the potential of the prepaid market. They own both Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile two of the more popular “prepaid” carriers.  Prepaid is becoming less and less about credit worthiness and more and more about budgeting. Also with tablets, prepaid makes more sense because most tablet owners use wifi more than cellular for their tablet use.

As Scott Webster points out in his CNet piece, the other advantage to the Sprint pay as you go plan is that there is no distinction made between 3g and 4g and all the minutes are lumped into one bucket.

Source: CNet

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