ShootMe (Screen Grabber) – the most popular screenshot utility gone from Android Market

ShootMe has been one of the very first apps that I put on a rooted device.  It has been one of the most downloaded screenshot devices in the Android Market.  Not only did it have over 1 million downloads and with a 4 star rating, it was one of the few free apps that allowed you to do screen grabs.  Not only did ShootMe allow screenshots but (provided your device is high end) also screencasting (an mpg video of screenshots).  In the last few days the developer decided to pull the app from the market.

Hoping to find some answers I followed the links in the market and found he had tweeted regarding the situation on August 21 and 23.  It appears that people have been driving him to wonder about the benefit of working on free apps.

Now, I have run into problems with ShootMe in the past – generally after flashing a rom and then restoring via MyBackUp Pro or Titanium Backup – and the fix has always been simple….uninstall and reinstall the app.  I am willing to bet that most people who complained via comments in the market or in email could have remedied their issues by trying that first.  The number of comments left stating (paraphrased) “No need for this, x phone was updated.” or “Why do we need root now, we didn’t before, you are stupid.” or any number of idiotic things people leave in the market are sadly part of the problem with humanity allowing comments.

I would very much like to see the developer choose to return to work on ShootMe and PicMe.  It’s sad to see a great app with a devoted developer go due to a lack of appreciation for the FREE work they put in.

From the developer:

Hi Cameron,
As an early android developer (been a fulltime professional dev for more then 2 years),
i’ve seen the android community grown from a more technical one to the mixed
bag it currently is. I’ve never minded to give support (even to less technical people),
but currently the amount of spammers/haters (or whatever you want to call them) have
grown up to a level it’s not worth any more to invest my sparse free time to. Some of these people are not
‘susceptible to normal reasoning’, whatever effort you put in explaining why rooting
is needed.
So, i’ve put SM currently on ice to give me some time to reflect about its future.
Hope to find a way to resurrect it soon.


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  1. I have heard great things of this app shootme aka screen grabber I really want this app I don’t see my family much An i want it for my personal use to get pics of them off line all I have is a cheap coby mid7015 tablet ill pay for the app happily. Please bting app back

  2. How about telling them to fuck off, and changing his tampon. “People are dumb and  mean….” No fucking shit. Welcome to the internet

  3. Shouldn’t let idiots bother you… They are everywhere…. These are probably the same people who bet on both black and red on a roulette wheel or all 3 dozen bets and wonder why they are losing…

  4. Ppl are so ungrateful, here he is allowing his services (apps) for free n idiots hate n have him pull the plug on three great apps, for none rooted phones at that! Now we the community of good guys, must suffer.

  5. Ok so everyone has noticed the current trend of the dumba$$e$ that leave comments app doesn’t work on such and such phone and the app description clearly states it doesn’t work for that particular phone! I ignore them and just pretend they don’t exist and read the litigate reviews and of course if everyone is good or bad for the most part well then it seems to a believable assessment of the app; however most apps have mixed reviews and you just have to weed out what is  believable or not. Also i like the free apps I am poor so can’t buy apps I have never had problems with adds being installed in the apps it supports the development and without them I wouldn’t be able to enjoy many free apps. Please stop hatting on the devs that offer these free apps or there may not be anymore left in the near future certainly not anything good.

  6. It’s coming back people!I contacted the dev to talk to him about writing a new one, and got this reply:
    Hi Justin,

    I will probably adding my app again on the AM
    somewhere over the wk…


  7. It is time to root out the haters by making this a paid app. That may make someone’s complaint seem more legit and the dev’s time addressing them more worth while.

  8. Have you seen the idiots in the Market lately? I’m surprised half the devs don’t get pissed off and do the same.

  9. the OS of android is growing rapidly but the con of that is that more ppl are getting involved which are very immature the community as a whole is awesome but there’s plenty of players in it now more than ever than need to grow up, that goes for all involved  whether its the biggest most popular devs to the small time user, ego and immaturity is quickly running thru android 

  10. Damn. I believe more then 90% of the people that rooted there phones downloaded this app, and they insult the guy to the point of him taking the app out of the market. I’m sorry to hear that, it’s an app I would definitely pay for.

  11. When he first started developing for Android the user base was significantly smaller.
    It’s not negative comments, it is the sheer number of them. We most likely could all deal with an insignificant amount of comments. It is the constant stream of nonsense or negativity that has driven him to this.
    He is losing too much time responding to the people who could avoid their issues if they either a) read the description or b) used common sense.

  12. I agree it’s sad. But when someone puts their app out there, they should expect that they will meet with some negative remarks, even unfounded ones. It’s the nature of the beast.

  13. Silver Fang, it’s not just about the app being removed, but the development being halted. 

    That’s more important to me than the (very possibly temporary) removal of the app itself.

  14. Silver Fang, it’s not just about the app being removed, but the development being halted. 

    That’s more important to me than the (very possibly temporary) removal of the app itself.

  15. I feel bad for this guy and the countless others who provide quality apps free of charge. I gave up reading the reviews of apps…so many people leaving comments that it didn’t work (usually user error), griping about how it doesn’t work on their phones (usually an older edition of android which the dev usually states). This is why I would really like to see Google return to the 24 refund policy. There didn’t use to be all the negative reviews that there is now. One last thing…as android grows into a continuing popular OS….so do the amount of people who are unable to follow directions.

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