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Samsung Taking On iMessage & BBM With ChatOn

Hey BBM loyalists who are sticking with RIM just for BBM chat, Samsung may have just fixed that problem for you

Meet ChatOn.  In addition to a new tablet, revamped Galaxy S II and something called the Galaxy Note, Samsung is expected to release a cross platform instant messaging/chat application that is supposed to work with iPhones and Blackberry’s infamous BBM chat service.  Because of Blackberry’s wide adoption into the enterprise sector BBM is a feature that some users, and some entire companies just can’t give up. Well if ChatOn works the way it’s supposed to you may be free from the shackles of Blackberry messenger.

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This isn’t just a rumor or a leak Samsung has even made a video about the ChatOn service.  It’s coming, we’re just hopeful that it will get here soon and with the functionality they say it will have.  ChatOn is supposed to be a truly cross platform single and group chat platform with the ability to share just about anything on your phone with others in the chat.  It also has features like the ability to comment on friends’ chat profiles and a global points tracking, interaction rank.

According to this report from Samsung’s ChatOn is coming in September to 120 different countries in 20 different languages. They will also release a scaled back version of the service to feature phone users.

For more check out this video from Samsung:

Source: Pocket-Lint

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