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Samsung Rumored To Be Working On New 7″ Galaxy Tab

Samsung spoke out at the end of last week on rumors of 9 new smart devices coming up. The source of the story was an alleged road map, and while most of the media believes Samsung is just trying to quiet the announcement, they did make an effort to squash it.

Among the latest Samsung rumors is that they are revisiting the 7″ tablet form factor.  Last year at the IFA convention in Berlin Germany, Samsung introduced the original Galaxy Tab which was the first Android tablet worth considering.  Although it didn’t run the new Android 3.x Honeycomb, it still took advantage of Android’s great feature set found in Froyo and the largest 7″ screen.  One thing that users really liked was that the Samsung Galaxy Tab could fit in a jeans pocket or inside pocket of a sport coat.

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Back in March Samsung’s then CTO, Omar Khan, announced two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab running Honeycomb. The first, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has already been released in a wi-fi only and 4G version in the United States. A full on European rollout has been hindered by Apple vs Samsung patent litigation.

The other Galaxy Tab , the 8.9, was supposed to release later this summer.  Although summer isn’t over there is just over a month left in the season and no rumors cracking the surface on the 8.9.  This could be the result of the same Apple patent litigation, or Samsung is giving the 10.1 Galaxy Tab some breathing room.

Whatever the case, there are now reports that they are bringing back the 7″ form factor with a Honeycomb tablet and superAMOLED screen.  According to tech site OLED-Display, this tablet is very real and coming soon. When, and if it comes out it’s rumored to have a 1.2ghz dual core processor, the same one in the Samsung Galaxy SII  and 1gb of RAM

The 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab goes by product identifying number P62000. According to TechRadar there is a full spec sheet for this tablet.  TechRadar gives this 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab a “it’s possible” on their rumor meter.

Source: TechRadar

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