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Samsung Puts Touch Wiz Update For Galaxy Tab 10.1 On Hold

Samsung introduced a major update to the ever so popular, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at a press event in New York at the beginning of the Month.  It was then released to the public two weeks ago.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 “Touch Wiz” update brings a familiar Touch Wiz interface to the Honeycomb tablet with enhancements like mini-apps and extra controls in the task bar at the bottom of the tablet.

For unknown reasons Samsung has halted the update mid stream. According to a Samsung Representative said their goal is to “ensure it’s a positive user experience for customers.”

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Some users who have installed the update said that it wouldn’t completely install leaving their tablets in an unusable state. There is no time frame as to when the update will resume, but we are hoping it’s soon.  The delay in the update affects those taking the update over the air. Samsung installed the update for customers in the New York area at their Samsung Experience location in New York City. The tablets updated during that event have seen no problems thus far.

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