Samsung & Nvidia Confirm Samsung Galaxy R To Europe

There”s no word on when or if the new Samsung Galaxy R device is headed to the United States, today though, it launched in Sweden.  The Samsung Galaxy R is one of Samsung’s new higher end phones with a break from the traditional perks you’d find in a Galaxy S phone.

For starters the Samsung Galaxy R features a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset and not Samsung’s own chips. It also has a unique 4.19″ WVGA super LCD display, again a break from superAMOLED.  The camera on board the Galaxy R features 720p recording and the phone can handle 1080 playback.  For recording and playback that size, Samsung has included 8gb on board and a microSD slot expandable to the standard 32gb.

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When it was first reported our friends over Android Community considered it a Samsung Galaxy S 1.5 or even a 1.9 so it’s right smack in the middle of last years Galaxy S and this years (yet to be announced in the US) Galaxy S II

It’s new in Sweden today so all those fine people at Ikea can pick one up. The rest of the world is waiting but we can expect to see it in Europe and Asia before the United States (if it gets here at all)

Source: Phonearena via AndroidCentral

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