Samsung Galaxy S II To Come To Sprint as “Epic Touch 4G”

(video of B.O.B. Performing Airplanes at the Samsung Galaxy S Launch last year. Audio is CRAP)

We’ve been anxiously, and we mean anxiously awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II in the United States. We are just about a week away from a press event in New York City where Samsung is expected to layout a 4 carrier plan of attack with the SGSII coming to each major US carrier as a different variant. This is the same strategy as last year.

Last year, just before we all made it to a New York press party with national recording artists B.O.B in tow singing about magic, Samsung leaked all the Galaxy S info. By the time we got to the press event all we needed was hands on time.  It was definitely a huge event for Samsung, and this one is expected to be equally as huge.

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Our good friend Vlad at unwired is reporting by way of Sprintfeed that the name for Sprint’s Galaxy S II will be the “Epic Touch 4G”.  This is presumably because the Epic 4G was such a great phone for Sprint and Samsung and “touch” because it dropped the qwerty keyboard.

Sprint is supposedly releasing this device on September 9th.  Sprint, like AT&T, is known for Sunday releases however that Sunday is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 so perhaps that’s why they are pushing it out a little earlier.  Of course none of this has been officially announced and it’s all subject to change, but so far it sounds like it could be right on the money.

Source: SprintFeed via Unwired