Samsung Galaxy S II Official For The US

The Samsung Galaxy S II launch event in the US just finished at the Samsung Experience here in New York City.  We were introduced at the beginning of the event to Samsung Mobile’s new Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Pendleton. Pendleton joins Samsung Mobile after 15 years in a similar capacity at Nike.

As for the device, Samsung’s Product head Nick DiCarlo and Samsung’s Consumer head Gavin Kim went over the ins and outs of the features. DiCarlo handled the hardware including Samsung’s own dual core Exonys C210 processor, 8 mega-pixel with a host of features, similar to HTC’s MyTouch 4G Slide.  Of course there is the superAMOLED Plus display that makes images absolutely pop.  Also on the hardware side is built in device side encryption for local and removable storage.  All of this in the “thinnest” smartphone available by T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint.

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Kim went over the ins and outs of the newest version of Touch Wiz. He also pointed out and confirmed immediately after the event that the Samsung Galaxy S II features full HDMI mirroring, the presentation Kim gave on stage could be done with any Samsung Galaxy S II on your own HDMI enabled TV at home.

Also on the software side is a brand new and less obtrusive Touch Wiz. Gone are some of the “chicklets” that really did nothing more than make the apps look more like an iPhone. Was that done for consumers or as a result of the patent wars?

Kim demonstrated a new way of accessing the home screens by simply touching the radio buttons right above the dock.  You can do the same thing with app drawers he told us and the group of press folks that had come to see the SGSII finally get its day in the U.S.

Samsung made official what we’ve been reporting for a week and that is that the Samsung Galaxy S II is headed to Sprint as the Samsung Epic 4G Touch (not the Epic Touch 4G as reported earlier). It’s also headed to AT&T and T-Mobile, right now simply as the Samsung Galaxy S II.  We’re not sure if T-Mobile and AT&T will add the Hercules and Attain monikers respectively, as they launch the phones this fall.

More on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II as the night continues.

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  1. All of the Carriers listed the Processor as the dual core Exynos, EXCEPT AT&T. They left off the most important part, The name of the processor. AT&T has a talent for killing good things, Is this another AT&T screw the Customer Scheme, like their 4G Network with Schmuckhaul?

    Kyle, can you find out what inside the AT&T Device Please.

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