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Samsung Galaxy S II Customers In UK Prevail Over Motorola

It seems that Motorola was running some pretty clever advertising across the pond. In their advertising for the Motorola Atrix in the UK, Motorola took it upon themselves to use the tag line “The Most Powerful Smartphone Available”. At one time that held true however the Motorola Atrix has a 1ghz dual core processor and the (Still not available in the US) Samsung Galaxy S II has a 1.2ghz dual core processor.  Anyone with a decent grasp of arithmetic knows that 1.2 is more than just 1, right.

Well that’s just how some Samsung Galaxy S II loving UK costumers felt when they filed a complaint against Motorola for the tagline with the UK Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA sided with the SGSII customers.  Motorola fought back contending that the Motorola Atrix was more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S II because of it’s ability to connect to accessories like the Lapdock.  The ASA said, nope!

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Motorola now must comply with the ruling of the ASA and change all their advertising that uses the phrase “The Most Powerful Smartphone Available”.  Motorola, Samsung and HTC are constantly one upping each other with their newest and “next” devices.  Motorola may be taking on Samsung on September 8th. It’s been widely rumored that the dual core, 4G/LTE Droid Bionic will debut on Verizon on September 8th. There have also been reports that the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S II may come out that day as well.

It will be really interesting to see what happens to Motorola’s marketing and advertising after the merger. People who are thinking “Google said it would be a stand alone business”, just shut your mouths right now, sure Motorola will still be in Libertyville but why would Google, or anyone buy a business to just let it sit there.

Google has a much more subtle approach to advertising.  Google prefers to let products sell themselves or be pushed along by the user. They are big on blog posts and YouTube videos.  Where Motorola uses a gigantic PR Firm, Weber Shandwick, Google uses a much smaller boutique PR firm whose values directly line up with the mega giant.  In the book “In The Plex” by Steven Levy and the book “I’m Feeling Lucky” by Douglas Edwards both writers express the Google Co-Founders minimalistic approach to hype and advertising. Google is certainly not going to be an easy sell on Motorola’s hollywood advertising.

source: Mobileburn

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