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Samsung EU Injunction Lifted Except In Germamy


Good news for Samsung Mobile, as their EU wide injunction has been temporarily lifted until the German patent court that originally granted Apple the injunction, rules on Samsung’s appeal. In the meantime Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s can be sold across the European Union except in Germany. Also, the Netherlands was exempt from the original injunction.

New evidence was discovered yesterday that suggests Apple may have fabricated some of the evidence presented before the Dusseldorf judge who made the original ruling in favor of Apple.  The German court denies that this evidence has anything to do with the temporary suspension of the injunction.

Pocket-Lint reports that patent expert Florian Mueller spoke with the German court that made the ruling.  Mueller said: “I believe Samsung has a pretty good chance that this temporary partial suspension will result in a partial reversal of the preliminary injunction decision at next week’s hearing,”

If you’re in Europe and you’ve been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 now is your chance to go pick one up.

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