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Rovio Mobile Thinks They’ll Make A Billion Bucks

Rovio Mobile, the Finnish company that brought the world Angry Birds, is on a roll.  Earlier this year they received a round of funding from the likes of Accel Partners, who were one of the earlier funders of Facebook.  That round also included an investment from Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom.

Rovio has experienced millions and millions of downloads on all their various “Angry Birds” games.  They have three key games in the market; the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds seasons and Angry Birds Rio which was a partnership with 20th Century Fox surrounding the Jesse Eisenberg voiced Blue and the other characters from the hit animation flick Rio.

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Rovio has also cranked up the licensing machine. Souvenir stores in San Francisco and New York along with Hot Topic and even Build A Bear sell licensed Angry Birds merchandise.  There is also an Angry Birds board game, Angry Birds costumes, cakes, party favors and sling shots.

Although many in the industry are speculating that Rovio Mobile might not be able to come up with another hit, they want to milk this one for everything it’s worh.  Prior to Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile had 51 other titles that never achieved mass stardom. Many of their earlier titles were featured on Finnish neighbor, Nokia’s handsets.

If the reports on Bloomberg are true some major players in the entertainment and gaming world are being courted for another round of financing of Rovio Mobile that may be valued at 1.2 billion dollars.  EA Sports, Fox Media and Disney are said to all be involved in this round, however none of those companies returned request for comment from Bloomberg.

Source: Bloomberg via Pocketnow

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