Rio, we have a problem… DefCon has officially made its mark on your hotel[UPDATE]

Reports are coming in the both registrations, as well as ATM’s are down throughout the Rio hotel. While this may not have been any news as computers are always going down, when it did raises some questions. Rio hotel is now hosting DefCon19 in which hackers from across the world all come for the weekend. Reports are that over 15,000 have made the trip to Las Vegas for the weekend making it the largest DefCon ever. With so many hackers in one place – are we even surprised this has happened?

No word yet back from the Rio management when we reached out to them. We are on the ground in Las Vegas, hopefully they’ll comment soon.


Now we are witnessing and hearing reports that more things are down. Here is a list so far.

  • Registration
  • Hotel Sound System(was hacked, A/V guys where locked out of fixing it)
  • Vending Machines
  • Slot Machines
  • ATMs

On side note, I refuse to take any elevators while here at the Rio fearing I’ll get stuck in one if/when they get hacked into. I’m guessing that Rio never thought this would be that bad.

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