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Quixey, The App Discovery Search Engine Backed By Eric Schmidt Gets Social Media Integration

We loved Quixey at TechCrunch Disrupt so much that we immediately had it installed on our web page. Just look to the right of the story underneath the countdown to the Android Homecoming.  Give Quixey a whirl and you’ll see that it sorts through all the available app markets to find what app you need.

Quixey has raised $400,000 in seed money from Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors fund. Now they are proud to report that they are integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Twitter. Hopefully they’ll also get their place over at Google Plus. Apps developed with the API’s from those social networks are now included in search results from Quixey.  Quixey currently indexes 20 app platforms.

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Quixey is hoping they’ll help users navigate through the apps that use social networking API’s. Tomer Kagan, co-founder of Quixey told Fast Company “A lot of apps on Facebook [for example] don’t even have a description attached–just a name. From a search perspective, if all you have to work with is like three words, it’s extremely difficult.”

To put Kagan’s statement into perspective, there are currently about 300,00 Android apps. There are over 400,000 iOS apps in the Apple AppStore. However there are a reported 1 million apps using Twitter API’s and another 500,000 using Facebook’s. Navigating through that many apps can be a chore in itself.

As they show in the video above, all you have to do is say what kind of app you need or what you want it to do and voila, Quixey serves up the best results.

Source: Fast Company

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