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President Obama Travels With Verizon Cows, And Other Big Red Government Perks

When President Obama goes on vacation, he doesn’t really go on vacation. While others love to leave the technology behind, our President needs to be kept up to date and briefed daily.  He also needs to have access to the communications he’s used to at 16oo Pennsylvania Avenue, when he’s out at Martha’s Vineyard.

In addition to being the largest wireless carrier in the United States, it seems that Verizon Wireless is the carrier of choice for the US government. The same goes for President Obama, who we hear, travels to Martha’s Vineyard every August for his vacation with COWs from Verizon Wireless in tow.  Now of course no one is going to come out and say what Verizon exactly supplies for POTUS but TFTS has revealed that residents of Martha’s vineyard enjoy the extra cellular strength that is available when Obama is in town.

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A COW is a cell on wheels. Most likely the easiest way for Obama to get extra signal from Verizon. The TFTS story says that Obama brings two towers with him and this is most likely the way they do it. We don’t think they actually erect full towers for the president’s vacation.

That’s not the only special attention that given to the government by Verizon Wireless, and don’t get us wrong we don’t think Verizon just “gives” them anything of course there is a cost involved. However we recently found out from some of my relatives who have been lifelong employees of the federal government that Verizon has in building contracts for at least the Federal Reserve Board, The Old Executive Office Building and NSA. One of my family members is still on Blackberry however the rest have switched to some version of Droid on Verizon Wireless. They all said that they stay on Verizon Wireless because the insides of buildings are covered and they never loose signal on the job.

The Washington DC MetroRail system is actually one of the best covered subway systems in the country.  All four carriers have at least some portion of the subway in Washington DC covered. You’ll notice especially though if you’re in the deepest part of the subway in DC, in downtown DC where the federal buildings are, and out near the Pentagaon, Verizon Wireless and Sprint will get four bar coverage, totally underground.

Again this is the government were talking about it’s critical that there be signal.

Source: TFTS

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