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Our Favorite App Search Quixey Gets $3.8M In Venture Capital

We first heard about Quixey earlier this year at TechCrunch Disrupt.  One of the things we feel has always plagued Android and hasn’t gotten any better, has been app discovery.

Apps are great.  Apps help users get things done and some are just downright neat. However, finding those apps isn’t as easy as it’s cracked up to be.  Even as early as this morning, we went searching for an app in the Android Market by looking up the app by name and then the developer by name. We found a bunch of competitors and then buried at the bottom of the results was the app we were actually looking for.  Yes, app discovery is a problem.

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Now looking for the same app by name, function (what it does) and developer we found it all three times by using the Quixey box to the right of this article.  Quixey does app discovery and search by function. “Music App” “CAD App” “Zombie Game” try any of those in the Quixey box to the right and you’ll see exactly what we are talking about.  Or try “Spotify”  or “Plants vs Zombies” and guess what, the correct app suggestions come right up.

Venture Beat is reporting that Quixey received $3.8 million in Venture Capital in an industrial round led by US Venture Partners and WI Harper Group. Webb Investment Network and Innovation Endeavors were also in the round.

Now that they have the Quixey search working great they are looking to use this round of funding to get their search on more devices, carrier networks and app stores.  The Venture Beat article points out that Quixey allows website owners to install the search on their site, we’ve had it since June and it does pretty well. If you’re looking for an app try it out, it’s free.

Source: Venture Beat

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