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Official: Samsung To Announce Galaxy S 2 On August 29th

Of course most of us have heard that the invites for a Samsung press event have gone out. We’ve RSVP’d and we will be there bringing you all the action.  If the II on the invite wasn’t a dead giveaway, Samsung’s PR firm gave it away as well.

If you remember back to the release of the Continuum us press folks received an email invite to a secret event in New York City.  Emails asking if the continuum was launching were met with the required “no comment” however the picture file had the word “Continuum” in it.  Today, the picture file sent directly to us and our Android colleagues, is called  Galaxy_S_2_Invite_v2.jpg so yup August 29th is the launch event for the US versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Of course there are a lot of questions that will be answered at that event, what carriers get it and when, what the real names will be and more. It’s just a few more weeks folks, thanks for your patience.

Source: Samsung/MWW

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