Official: Games Added To Google+Including Angry Birds

I find it humorous that we’re still calling it the Google Plus project, but Google announced today, on the official Google Blog, that Games have come into the Google+ world.  And they look sharp!

Back when Google+ was still in top secret mode, Google landed a great hire when one of Microsoft’s top Kinect engineers and robot builder, Johnny Lee Chung, left Microsoft for Google.  Then there was a job posting for someone to lead a social games project and now today, Google has added games to Google+

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The current game offerings are a mix of well known breakthrough hits and social gaming titles. So far the graphics look great and the only Zynga game in the Google Games stream is Zynga Poker.  Obviously it would be a major victory for Google Plus if FarmVile, CityVille and Mafia Wars came over to the Google+ party but the barage of game requests in people’s in boxes were one of the big Facebook turn-offis.

The titles at launch are:
Zynga Poker
City of Wonder
Dragons of Atlantis
Zombie Lane
Bubble Island
Sudoku Puzzles
Crime City
Diamond Dash
Dragon Age Legends
Flood It
Wild Ones
Monster World
BeJeweled Blitz
Collaps Blast

According to the Google Blog post, Google wants you to have the ability to share and play games with friends, as well as the availability to make them disappear when you don’t want to play. You can reportedly share your game high scores with friends and your friends can only see your game updates when they want to, and when they’re interested in playing games too.

Google Games are live right now just look for the Google Games button next to your circle button on your Google+ web page.

source: Google Blog

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