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NYC Looking For Bids To Build Pay By Phone Parking Meters

New York City is currently seeking bids for companies who work in the pay by phone industry.  NYC would like to convert some, if not all of their parking meters to a pay by phone structure.

What they are hoping for is the ability for a driver to assign a credit or debit card to an on phone app that can be used to pay parking meters within the confines in the city.  This way parkers won’t have to dig through their cars to find enough change to feed the meter. They may also be able to add more time to their meter while running late at a meal, a meeting or shopping, without having to go all the way back to the meter itself.

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On the city government side, pay by phone meters would mean that they could reduce the workforce of “meter maids”. An online system sent to the “meter maid” could quickly tell those officers what cars are illegally parked by who’s time has run out.  In the future they may be able to eliminate most “meter maid” positions altogether except when a vehicle needs to be towed.  The thinking is the meter could bill the customer back when they ran out of time if they don’t “check out” from the meter.  Integrating parking meters and smartphones or even basic cell phones brings limitless possibilities to an age old problem in the largest city in the world.

As PC World points out, NYC wouldn’t be the first city to introduce pay by phone parking meters. A company called Verrus offers pay by phone meters in about 30 cities across the United States. In addition to paying by phone, Verrus offers an Android and iOS app that not only allows you to feed the meter  but can help you find your car by which meter it was assigned to.

Washington DC is currently the largest city using Verrus parking meter technology.

source: PC World

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