NY Start Up “Moat” Looks To Change The Online Advertising Game With Hovering

One of the hardest parts about operating a technology based website is that our core demographic doesn’t click ads. In fact a lot of you have ads totally disabled. Sure you may still see our static ads like Millennial Media and Wilson Electronics but our ad publishers ads might not even be on the page you’re looking at.

Over 15 years ago clicking on a banner advertisement looked like a really good way to make money.  Sure there was the online ad boom and clicking meant everything. Now though, according to Media mind .08% of American’s click on a banner ad and .14 American’s click on a rich media ad.  To top that off according to this piece in adweek, direct mail (think Val Pack) still sees a 3% conversion rate.  Is online advertising dead?  Moat doesn’t think so.

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Moat is a New York based start up that will change the face of online advertising (at least for a while).   Today Moat launched it’s “No Clicks Campaign”.  They deal with the notion that direct marketers focus on clicks while brand marketers focus on impressions.  However, if you know anything about online advertising impressions are very very hard to measure.  Sure you can say that since XX site gets XX page views or XX unique visitors per month than XX will see your ad regardless of whether they click it or not.

Moat plans on offering a way to track impressions by measuring hovering or mouse overs.

 “Most of us don’t click on ads, but we certainly notice them,” Moat co-CEO and co-founder Jonah Goodhart said. “There are studies that show we look where we move our mouse. You have to, otherwise you’re not moving it.” (source: Adweek)

You may have noticed on some websites you visit that some keywords are highlighted within the text of a story.  In most cases the webmaster has made those highlighted links a different color than links that move to other content.  When you hover over those links you usually get a pop up ad of some kind where your mouse is.  You can also click through to see more on the ad.  Moat is planning to use similar technology sans the advertising that can just show whether or not you moused over or hovered over an ad.

This kind of technology will definitely change the way advertisers do ads. Of course a good advertiser wants to capture your attention to get the click through. Now advertisers will need to pour a lot more attention into what’s actually in the ad because that’s what people are seeing. They’ll need to get their entire message out in the 300×300 or 720×90 (or whatever ad size unit a site uses) framework to insure their message is seen. Moat is bringing the tools needed to track that people actually see the ad.

source: adweek

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  1. we measure engagement too its actually our biggest stream but even the way Twitter analytics measures engagement isn’t as effective as measuring hovering

  2. interactions and user engagement is not a new metric.  It has been used for years.  Moat should not be heralded for this.

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