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Nuvel Launches Personal Emergency Response App For Android

If you have diabetes, asthma, heart disease or any other chronic condition this app is important for you to consider. The folks at Nuvel have launched a personal emergency response app for Android.

While the app has a very easy way to activate emergency responders, it’s backed by an integral network of emergency services for the user.  With the Nuvel vSOS app you’ll spend $12.99 for a subscription that may end up saving your life.  Through Nuvel’s website and partnership with the GEOS alliance your personal emergency information will be saved.

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This HIPPA compliant app will store your medical information, emergency contacts, conditions, allergies and more with their 24 hour a day, 365 day a year emergency response center.  You simply put the app on the homescreen of your phone and hold down the app for 3 seconds.  Once you’ve hit the alert button someone at the IERCC emergency response center will immediately call the user back to coordinate what you need.  If you don’t answer the response center will use GPS to locate you and send help right away.  They will be able to coordinate with dispatchers and emergency responders so they know what conditions you have.

The emergency response center will also send a text alert or email message to up to 5 contacts that can be alerted to what’s happening with the user, and where to go.  Think of it as Onstar on steroids on your smartphone.

For more information on this life saving app visit

Source: NuvelInc

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