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Mozilla Unveils Firefox For Android Honeycomb Tablets

Mozilla announced Firefox for Honeycomb devices today via a blog post on their official blog, although they didn’t say when it’s coming out.

Mozilla is using the real estate available on a full fledged tablet to give the user a lot of features they are used to in the web based version of the Firefox browser.  As Firefox continues to lose ground on the traditional web they have put their mobile efforts into overdrive.

The Honeycomb version of Firefox is optimized to take advantage of Honeycombs multiple pane experience.  Although we haven’t seen the working version it looks like in landscape mode your “tabs” will be displayed on the left side bar.  Mozilla points out that they were able to keep elements of Firefox that their users are used to in place like their signature big back button.

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According to the blog post, tabs can be accessed with your left thumb in horizonta landscape) view. You should be able to move through tabs with your left thumb and scroll through web content with your right.  However when using Firefox for Honeycomb in portrait mode the tabs turn into a drop down.

Mozilla has also made sure to include their signature “awesome bar” which allows users quick access to bookmarks, history and synced desktop activity.

For more information and pictures visit the Mozilla blog here

Source: SAI

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