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Motorola WebTop Accessory Pricing Gets Revamped

As the Motorola Droid Bionic awaits it’s epic release on Verizon Wireless (reportedly September 8th), Motorola is preparing to embark on it’s third time up to bat with webtop accessories.

First introduced at the AT&T Developer Summit as part of CES back in January, the webtop accessories looked like they could be game changers in the world of mobile and smartphones.  The Motorola Atrix was one of the highlights of AT&T’s 2011 Android lineup that was announced at the conference.  Webtop accessories were to provide multitudes of extra functionality to the Motorola Atrix.

The webtop lapdock turned the Motorola Atrix into a netbook like experience similar to Google’s Chromebook.  An webtop dock accessory allowed for the Atrix to be hooked up to a mouse, keyboard and external HDMI video source to emulate a “computer” experience.

Earlier in the year Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha announced that they would bring the webtop accessories to multiple devices.  The next phone to get a portion of the webtop portfolio was the Motorola Photon 4G on Sprint.  The lapdock however is not currently available for that device.

The Droid Bionic accessory line up was just revealed and it includes the webtop adapter that allows the phone to connect to another monitor source, mouse and keyboard. An HD station dock allows the user to connect their Bionic to an HDMI television. Finally, it looks like the Bionic will also have the lapdock available as well.

The Lapdock was $400 at AT&T we are expecting it to come in at half that, at the most on Verizon. We’ll find out for sure in the coming weeks.

source: Droid-Life

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