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Millennial Media Tops List Of Fastest Growing Maryland Tech Companies

Normally when we write about Millennial Media and numbers, it’s numbers about smartphones coming from the Baltimore based firm. So tonight the tables get turned as we’ve learned via the Baltimoresun, that Millennial Media is the second fastest growing tech company in the state of Maryland this year.

Millennial Media publishes the Mobile Mix report every month which is a great snap shot on what OEM’s, operating systems and devices are actually active and using apps. Millennial’s data comes from impressions that devices give to their ad network. Millennial Media has the largest independent Mobile ad platform in the world. Prior to Millennial Media being at the top in independent mobile ads, admob held that position before they were gobbled up by Google.

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Millennial Media was started by Paul Palmeiri who prior to Millennial was responsible for the creation of Verizon’s V-Cast services.  Millennial Media employs a mixture of folks who come from technology but ,most notable is the fact that many of Millennial Media’s employees came from the XM Radio offices in Washington DC.  It’s this experience in emerging technology, media delivery, advertising and consumers which have given Millennial Media a competitive edge.

Many national brands from Honda to Sony Pictures have trusted Millennial Media to not only run but produce interactive and engaging advertising to be displayed on mobile devices.

Millennial Media’s developer relations team is known for spending quality 1:1 time with Android and iOS developers to supply feedback on positioning, campaigns and ways for developers to make a ton of money.  Millennial Media is the signature sponsor of the developer portion of the Android Homecoming in Mountain View CA September 23-25th.

Source: Baltimore Sun

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