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Marriott Adds Android App, Website Features Just The Beginning

Our good friends at Intomobile reported Friday that Marriott International has released their own app into the Android Market. As expected the app will allow Marriott rewards members to access their accounts on their smartphones as well as search rates, amenities and book rooms on the go.

Marriott International, released their app to Android, iOS and Blackberry aimed at the business traveler. In addition to the features you would expect from a hotel app city guides and nearby attractions are also included.  The Marriott App gives the user access to over 3,600 hotels and resorts across 70 countries. That’s not all though folks…

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While having dinner with a friend of ours that works for Marriott’s headquarters in Rockville Maryland, that Marriott has been testing several different ways of using cell phones and smartphones as room keys for it’s reward members.  Other hotel brands like Holiday Inn and Clarion have all tested different ways of doing this.  Holiday Inn has been testing a technology for the last two years focused on having a special melody sent to your phone that will allow the door to open. Clarion and other hotel brands have tested a unique text message code.

From what we understand Marriott may be testing something in the realm of NFC for rewards customers allowing Marriott’s busiest regular customers to bypass the front desk altogether. Hopefully releasing the app to all three major operating systems for business users is the first step in this direction.

Source: Intomobile

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