LocalMind Comes To Android

When we were at South By Southwest earlier this year we saw two really great apps, that unfortunately at the time, were iPhone only.  They were, Zaarly and LocalMind.

Zaarly is the ultimate reverse Craigslist app and LocalMind was a different kind of location based app. Both have now come to Android with LocalMind reaching the Android Market today.

LocalMind’s new twist on location based social networking takes information from LBS giants Foursquare and Gowalla and adds a messaging element to it.  It was used a lot during SXSW so people could find out which parties and events were hot or not.  Using LocalMind you can ask questions, and send messages to people checked into different places on GoWalla or Foursquare.

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Although FourSquare now offers messaging, the FourSquare messaging is only available to people that you’re friends with on FourSquare.  LocalMind allows you to connect and talk with anyone checked into any place, provided they are signed up for LocalMind.  This way if you are looking to try out a new bar, club or restaurant and none of your FourSquare friends are there you can ask a complete stranger.

To encourage complete strangers to offer advice and answer questions, LocalMind has a category of people designated as “Venue Experts”. LocalMind automatically gives this designation to anyone who is a mayor on Foursquare. Other than that you can earn it by answering more questions about more places.

While it’s not the 25 million users in 27 days that Google has garnered with it’s Google+ service, LocalMind is growing at a decent pace. Now with their Android app in the market they should be able to grow even faster. According to LocalMind Co-Founder, Larry Rachitsky, they have about 20,000 users now.

LocalMind is also working on some paid business models. The first is to have businesses respond to questions about their business directly via LocalMind.  The next is to offer businesses ads that pop up when any local based business in the same category is asked a question. The third model is a regional based questions system which would help users ask questions about areas they may be going to later on or further away. As TechCrunch puts it, more of a digital assistant.

LocalMind impressed the tech world with their new “Crowd Sourcing”, and “Q&A” spin on location based services.  The New York Times said “LocalMind…is the future of local crowdsourcing” while Mashable said “Genius Idea: Adding a Q&A layer on top of checkins.”

What are you waiting for, download it here:

Source: TechCrunch