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LG Optimus Sol Spotted

About a month ago Pocketnow revealed 6 new LG smartphones that were coming out before the end of 2011.  One of those phones, the LG Victor, has resurfaced again and it looks like a solid mid range device.

The LG Sol is packing a 1ghz single core processor. The display is 3.8 inches. It’s also said to have a 5 mega pixel camera and a front facing VGA camera for video chatting. Although it’s not the top of the top when it comes to spec, we can’t forget that the original, mid-range LG Optimus One sold very well across multiple carriers.

There’s no word on which US carriers will get the LG Optimus Sol so we’ll keep you informed when we here more.  Even in the wake of the Google/Motorola announcement LG is still very dependent on Android and needs their Android smartphones to be successful to turn around their mobile unit.

The LG Optimus Black, a full tilt Android superphone was not released in the United States.  The LG Optimus 3D is a dual core (OMAP) 3D Android device that is also doing very well internationally however the US version, the LG Thrill, has seen repeated delays in coming to AT&T. The latest rumored release date is September 4th.

Source: Pocketnow

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