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Less Than 30 Days Until The Android Homecoming In Mountain View CA

We are less than 30 days away from the largest independent Android convergence of developers, enthusiasts and users.  Taking place in Mountain View California from September 23-25th the Android Homecoming is an event no one wants to miss.  We’ve got some great things lined up and some new information as well.

Get on the Zaarly party bus.  If you were one of the first 200 to sign up for the Android Homecoming you can board the Friday night party buses. There are four buses all together and if you’re driving to Homecoming you’re more than welcome to join us as well.  The bus trip is going to start at Building 44 where you’ll get your photo op with the statues designed by our good friend Giovanni.  We’ll also spend some time talking with some of the folks on the Google+ team. From their we are going to head into San Francisco for a night of fun we won’t forget.

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Oh and speaking of Zaarly, the guys from Zaarly will be on hand all weekend long and on Sunday we are going to have a contest for the best case use or the  most fun case use of Zaarly while we’re at the Android Homecoming.  Also two of the Android Homecoming volunteers, along with some of the Ashton Kutcher funded Zaarly staff will be your official “concierge” all weekend.  Need a snack brought to your room, ask Zaarly.  Need towels by the pool, ask Zaarly.  Need something from Best Buy, ask Zaarly. Heck if you want our volunteers to come and teach you how to dougie, ask Zaarly.

Saturday morning we’re going to see what Rocco can get out of Zaarly so make sure you’re in the keynote or watching it in the hotel.

Stuff Stuff Stuff: 
The brand new will be manning the Android Homecoming T-shirt stand where you can pick up your Android Homecoming T-Shirt and Swag Bag filled to the brim with cool stuff. You’ll also be able to see the latest designs that Daniel (Droid Messenger) and Meagan have put together. These two community members have designed some really cool stuff.  They’ll be selling their shirts on site.

Amzer will be on hand with the latest accessories for every phone known to man along with the latest tablet accessories. You’ll be able to purchase whatever you want and Amzer always has the best prices.

Russell Holly will be at the Android Homecoming and at least part of the time you’ll be able to see and buy some of the newest stuff from Android Swag from Russell Holly.  You’ll also be able to pick up last minute tickets to the Big Android BBQ.

We’ll also have dealers representing the four major carriers on site so if you are inclined you can purchase a new phone.

Millennial Media will be on hand all weekend long to talk to developers about how to monetize your apps and make “real” money with them.  Tap Joy will be on hand to talk about in-app purchases and how you can maximize Tap Joy.  Boku is another great in app payment service that will be there to help you monetize your apps. All of this will be part of Saturday’s developer track entitled from “The Bedroom To The Boardroom”

Glu Mobile and Bloomworlds will be around all weekend long in the Android Arcade.  We’ve teamed up with some great equipment providers to have 8 “arcade” stations open all weekend long where you can play the latest Android games, for free, on 42″ tv’s.  The Android Arcade will also host a “teen party” for those who are under 21 and staying back at the hotel on Friday night. Even if you’re over 21 and hanging out for pizza, prizes and Android games is more your thing than a bar crawl your welcome to hang out there.

The MHL consortium is providing the MHL lounge, a quieter place where you can catch a movie or two and learn about MHL technology. The lounge will be located directly across from the Android arcade.

The HTC Development team will be on hand all weekend to talk about HTC’s new dev site  HTC Is also donating prizes for the $25,000 Viewdle developer challenge.  The top 4 contestants will all receive a brand new HTC device as part of their prize pack.

Saturday Night is the homecoming dance and no, we’re not really expecting anyone to break out and dance but if you want to you certainly can. Think exhibit floor with open bar, finger foods, and over 20 great companies with booths to visit, devices to try and info info info.

When you arrive at the Android Homecoming there will be QR codes all around to download the official Catch/AndroidHomecoming app which will have all the developer tracks (posted next Thursday on the site) and also an opportunity to scan company QR codes.  If you want to learn more than what you hear in a discussion or talk on Saturday you’ll be able to scan a QR code and sign up for a more close knit breakfast session Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon we’re going to have one hella cookout and pool part. Not only that but we’re going to demonstrate the LokSak in the $6000 pool penny toss.  Jason at LokSak is so confident in his product that we’re going to put 10 brand new Android phones (High end) into the loksaks and throw them in the pool .  10 lucky winners will get to dive in the pool, blindfolded (after visually targeting the device you want) and then they’ll have 60 seconds to jump in the pool and retrieve the phone.  After we verify it works we’ll give you the box and it’s yours to keep.

There is so much more going on than just this and we’ll provide you with an update every other day from here on out.

For tickets visit we have just about 100 left.

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