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Latest HTC Puccini Images Show AT&T Branding

Pocketnow has gotten their hands on a fresh set of images for HTC’s new 10″ tablet codenamed “Puccini”. First things first though, we can drop Puccini because the images show that the 10″ tablet will be called the “Jetstream” on AT&T. This actually makes sense because the 7″ HTC Android tablet was dubbed “The Flyer”. Of course as far as names go, they can be changed right up until the official announcement.

Pocketnow also reveals that a European trademark filing from HTC for “SkyRocket” may mean that the wifi version of this tablet or the Euro version for this tablet may be called the SkyRocket.

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The HTC Puccini, or Jetstream if you prefer, is supposed to support AT&T’s new somewhat limited 4G/LTE network along with their original 3G/3.5G network that is currently deployed.  We’re hoping for a release before the end of the year but earlier this month we hear that aside from the USB stick and mobile hotspot already announced, AT&T may only see one 4G/LTE phone on the network before the end of the year. If that changes the HTC JetStream may be that other device.

Although we would hope that HTC would have learned from Motorola’s big mistake, they could launch this tablet as either wifi only or 3G/3.5G and then upgrade users onto the 4G/LTE network. If that is the case though it would more than likely be a software push update like the AT&T adrenaline usb stick is getting next week.

The HTC 10″ Android tablet will be running Honeycomb and also feature the HTC Scribe pen technology that the HTC Flyer and the HTC Evo View 4G have.

Source: Pocketnow

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