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Kyocera Announces Summer Of Free Apps, 10,000 Free Downloads For Echo Users

Although there is just a little over a month left in the summer of 2011 Kyocera has just announced a new promotion for owners of their dual screen Android device, the Kyocera Echo, on Sprint.

Kyocera made waves earlier in the year when they announced a totally new spin on the Android device. The Kyocera Echo’s unique form factor takes two screens and lays them side by side to form a 4.7″ screen. When folded up the Kyocera Echo has the same screen size as most average Android phones.  This device is targeted to users who may want the real estate from a small tablet but the functionality of a phone.  Although most Android media was critical of the device, it’s got a uniqueness all it’s own.  Things like WiMax 4G capability and a faster processor may have helped win the media over.  Kyocera did package the Echo with two batteries that helps when using the 4.7″ screen for a long amount of time.

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To boost sales of the now $99 dollar device at Sprint stores, Kyocera has teamed up with some of the top game developers in the Android eco system like Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Swype and more. In the 10,000 free downloads promotion, Kyocera Echo owners will have access to download 12 premium titles that cost between .99 and $4.99 for free to their Kyocera Echo.  All 12 of the apps and games have been optimized for the 4.7 inch display.

The 12 titles are:

  • “Burn the Rope”
  • “Colours”
  • “Coropata”
  • “Crazy Dunker”
  • “Cupig”
  • “Induced Current”
  • “SmackTalk!”
  • “Sonic the Hedgehog”
  • “Space Wander Landing”
  • “Sudoku Master”
  • “Super Monkey Ball”
  • “Transporter”

    “Both Kyocera’s Android Developers Program and the library of optimized applications for Echo’s dual displays continue to grow, especially in the gaming segment,” said Yasuhiro Oishi, president of KCI. “Giving away these 12 apps to Echo users is a nice way to not only thank them for their loyalty, but also to give them a hands-on taste of how Echo offers a totally unique gaming experience on a mobile phone.”

    Although they are calling it the summer of free apps the promotion lasts until these titles have been downloaded 10,000 times regardless of whether or not that’s before the summer ends or into the fall. If you own a Kyocera Echo on Sprint, go get the free apps by looking for Top Apps at

    Source: Kyocera

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