Just as Blackhat ends, Defcon starts in Las Vegas

We are in Las Vegas Nevada and we have just ended our time at Blackhat, next up it’s  Defcon. We were planning to give you coverage on Blackhat’s mobile track,  however whoever planned it forgot to mention to the speakers that they need to show up because they didn’t.  I was waiting anxiously for the Hacking Androids for Profit by Riley Hassell and Shane Macaulay, however none of them showed up and didn’t even call. I know two people who wont be called to talk next year.

While in the vendors area I was expecting to see a line of vendors showing off mobile products; I was sadly wrong. Two companies however did make an appearance; CORE Security Technologies and BluePoint Security.  Its interesting, because you’ll see below how they “go against each other”. Where as CORE Security does penetration testing by:

  • Phishing
  • Web form Impersonations
  • Fake wireless access points
  • Wireless man-in-the-middle(MITM) attacks

BluePoint security goes for cloud antivirus for Android phones.  Doing a test of BluePoint for pulling something from the cloud while CORE set-up a fake wireless access point wasn’t something I could get pulled off. Unfortunatetly I wasn’t able to meet up with the guys from CORE as we kept missing each other. BluePoint and I are meeting up later this week so we will have a full walk-through and interview with them.

That’s pretty much how Blackhat was. I left pretty disappointed.

Now onto Defcon which has already started out better… As seen in the picture above attendees are already starting the Scavenger Hunt that has been set up  and runs till Sunday. DefCon 101 which  earlier tonight was hosted by Nikita, Roamer, Lockheed, GM1, Pyr0 and HighWiz, with help from Xodia and Ripshy, made one thing clear for this weekend. Meet and greet!

The talk was all about what Def Con is, what its all about, and to get the conference started off right. Quickly mid talk they had not only a new handle name contest. But also a scavenger hunt, where the winning player kicked out his Android phone to Google a picture of Neil Patrick Harris and autographed it for the winning play.

This weekend if holds up to how DefCon 101 kicked it off will be a weekend to remember. We’ll be posting during DefCon of any mobile talks, and/or vendors and then a full wrap up of the whole thing. Also, I want to give a personal thanks to QR Code who, saved me due to fact I ran out of Business cards and now have this handy QR code widget as my business card 🙂