JD Power: Verizon Wireless Rules The Air In Five Out Of Six US Regions

Ok some may argue that Customer Service is the most important JD Power & Associates Ranking, while it’s very very important, network is more important, why because without a network there are no customers, period.

JD Power & Associates recognized Verizon Wireless for “Highest Network Quality” in every region of the United States except the region that covers Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin. In that middle part of the country US Cellular ranked number one, Verizon Wireless came in second while Sprint and AT&T tied for last place behind T-Mobile.

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22,110 wireless subscribers were surveyed by JD Power & Associates on topics like call drops, not connecting on first call try, calls with audio problems, late text messages, mobile web connection issues, slow web loading and email connection errors.

It’s also important to point out, that while AT&T recently announced they were doing away with their $10 text messaging plan, JD Power found that on average customers send and receive roughly 500 text messages.  They also talk on their phones an average of 450 minutes per month which is down 77 minutes from 2009. This shift in actual talk time has come from the surge of smartphones and the rise of text messaging.

JD Power also found that smartphone customers experienced more network problems than traditional handset customers.  This could be because questions about web load speeds and data may not apply to the “traditional” handset customers.

Source: bizjournals