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iOS 5 For Japan Will Have Earthquake Warning System Widget

Apple, in response to the massive earthquake in Japan earlier this year, is including access to Japan’s earthquake early-warning system.  With the flick of a switch users can have their iOS devices poll the system (a near-constant connection) to alert them if an impending earthquake is due.

The setting will be found at the bottom of the Notification Center, the warning above is said to warn users of the excessive battery drain due to the need to stay connected.  As you probably learned following the huge earthquake, Japan has the distinction of being one of the most seismically active locations on the planet.  In 2007 Japan launched a sophisticated network of sensors that are spread throughout their country and can send a warning message across networked devices and television channels.  The warning messages go out prior to the earthquake giving anywhere between a few seconds and a couple of minutes before the ground begins to move.

Time did a number of articles focusing on the preparation and the technology behind it.  Japan leader in disaster preparedness and Early-warning system explained.  I think manufacturers should all make this a standard offering in Japan and other countries should they ever build such systems.

Source: TechCrunch

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