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HTC Vigor Passes Blue Tooth Certification, headed to Verizon?

Now, after the shocking announcement that the Samsung Galaxy S II wasn’t coming to Verizon Wireless, we must put a question mark in any headline revolving around a phone coming to a carrier, right? (yeah sure).

The HTC Vigor has received it’s BlueTooth 3.0 certification.  This is rumored to be a big phone with big specs. Big enough to replace Verizon Wireless’ flagship 4G/LTE device the HTC Thunderbolt. The rumored specs for the HTC Vigor include a 1.5ghz dual core processor, Android 2.3.4, HTC Sense 3.5, 8 mega pixel camera, 4.3 qHD display at 1280×720 and Beats by Dre sound technology.

Although this phone is still very much in the “rumored” category there have been a lot of rumors centering around an October 6th launch date.

Source: Droid-Life

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