HTC Sensation Having Touch Screen Issues?

HTC has recently released a slew of high end Android phones. These devices include the HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Evo 3D, HTC/T-Mobile MyTouch4G Slide and the flagship of them all the HTC Sensation 4G.

When the Sensation found it’s way to T-Mobile USA it had all the bells and whistles pointing to a top-notch piece of Android loving hardware. Of course every phone is going to have it’s issues but as the flagship for the Spring/Summer season of HTC devices we were expecting a pretty solid experience.

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Back in June GSMArena reported on a “Death Grip” problem similar to Apple’s problem with the iPhone 4. However what made the HTC Sensation’s problem unique, and possibly a little worse, was that the death grip came from wifi not from a cellular signal.  The thorough folks at GSMArena also tried to recreate the problem on more than one HTC Sensation, and YES they were able to.

Now to compliment the wi-fi death group, a bunch of HTC Sensation users are reporting on forums like XDA that their screens are becoming unresponsive, rather quickly. Take into consideration the phone has only been out to market about 2 months.

According to GSMArena the problem is starting to surface about a week into ownership. The Touchscreen seems to work fine until then. While some have debated whether it’s the strength in which you press it, we don’t see people reporting this to XDA to be the soft fingered variety that just aren’t pushing things hard enough.  In fact, XDA users would be more inclined to make sure there is a problem to report before reporting it and now the thread on this issues is over 650 entries long.

Have you had the wifi death grip, or touch screen issue? Let us know in comments.

Source: GSMArena

6 Replies to “HTC Sensation Having Touch Screen Issues?”

  1. Definitely have the same issue, not all the time, but too often to chalk up to an app I’ve loaded. Also, is it just me or is the accuracy suspect sometimes, like trying to hit the number switch but it thinks you hit home? Even after calibration it still does it, which sux, because it is a workhorse otherwise! World apart from my Mytouch 4G

  2. I have mind for 3 weeks. Nothing but drama. Phone roboots. Unresponsive touch screen. When I text sometimes the weather animation shows up in the background. Driving me crazy. Going to Verizon. Really sucks though. I love my Sensation. I just see a fix for this anytime soon.

  3. This is very disappointing, I’m ready for a upgrade and this phone was looking like the one but hearing all this negative responses are really making Ms reconsider my opinions

  4. GSM Sensation in the UK, I have the problem.  Random periods when it takes 2, 3 or 4 presses to open a shortcut, or unlock the phone.  This makes typing on the keyboard very annoying!

  5. I have problems with my phone being unresponsive to touch, sensation 4g. Chalked it up to the apps maybe being wonky. But now I see it is the phone.

  6. i am just refraining form it after seeing the video posted by androidpolice….will reconsider getting it if it can at all be fixed,else galaxy S will find its 5,000,001th buyer 😀

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