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HTC Plans To Release 8 New Smartphones In The Next Three Months

As HTC continues to improve quarter over quarter they are putting their best foot forward and setting goals that would have appeared lofty this time last year.

HTC has their eyes set on beating their second quarter results in the third quarter. To do this they must sell more than 13.5 million smartphones in just three months. In the second quarter they made $600 million in profit on $4 billion in revenue. Although HTC does sell Windows Phone 7 devices, Android is credited with most of their growth.

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Even though they’ve been found in violation of some of Apple’s patents HTC has said they plan to release 8 new smartphones in this third quarter.  At the onset of the second quarter we had already known about the HTC Sensation 4G, HTC Evo 3D, T-Mobile’s MyTouch4G Slide and the Flyer.  Aside from the 10″ HTC Puccini tablet, they’ve so far, kept their smartphones away from blurry cameras.

HTC may be trying to keep up with rival Samsung who is the dominant force in the Android ecosystem.  Worldwide Samsung has released a smartphone every 15 days, which is far more than HTC plans for the third quarter.

source: Mobiledia

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