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HTC Opens Up New Developer Portal

HTC has been on fire on the consumer side, hardware side and operating system side. Now they want developers to share in their success.  HTC has opened up the HTC Developer portal at

The new developer portal has three main focuses; the Open Sense SDK, web based boot unlocker, and kernel source codes for their new devices.  Put all three together and you can develop some bad azz apps, themes and widgets for HTC devices.

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With the HTC Open Sense SDK developers can now develop apps that incorporate directly with Sense and ontop of Android.  Although many Android enthusiasts don’t like OEM UI’s (or at least won’t admit it) Sense is often thought of as the best of the OEM UI’s.  With the astronomical sales HTC has experienced with Android there are millions of device owners that won’t ever see past Sense. That’s why introducing the Sense SDK via the HTC Dev Portal is a cornerstone of HTC’s developer strategy.

Earlier today we reported that Getjar’s Marketing honcho Patrick Mork went to Google for a Marketing position. Getjar’s former Developer Evangelist, Bruce Jones is now a developer evangelist for HTC, who’s mission is to reach out to developers using these new tools.  If you’ve ever worked with Jones than you know that the combination of their dev portal and Jones, developers are in good hands.

HTC has also gone back and forth with developers on unlocked vs locked bootloaders. A few months ago HTC’s CEO Peter Chou told the developer community that they would start unlocking bootloaders.  In addition to that, now they are going to offer a web based unlocking tool on the developer site.  The tool isn’t available yet however once it is  you’ll be able to unlock the bootloaders on new HTC devices.

Developers will also be able to find the kernel source codes for several new HTC devices.

source: Mobiputing

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