HTC & Apple Cut Forecasts Amidst Bad Economy

The fact that Google announced they were buying Motorola for $12.5 billion dollars on Monday, and HP announced they were killing webOS on Thursday highlight what a topsy turvy economy we are in right now.

If you don’t pay attention to any news besides Android news than you may not know that the stock market as a whole hasn’t been doing very well. President Obama had to have the debt ceiling raised, and the US had their credit rating lowered. Yes we’re in a bad economic time right now.  That’s why two patent rivals, Apple and HTC, have both cut their outlooks for 2011.

HTC has such a great first and second quarter that they raised their 2011 forecast from 50 million devices to 70 million devices. They have recently lowered that forecast to 60 million devices. Which again isn’t bad considering it’s 10 million more devices than they had originally planned. All this info is coming from Digitimes based on part supply orders in Asia for both HTC and Apple.

Although there were no specific numbers, Digitimes reports that despite the fact that the iPhone 5 is rumored to come out in October, Apple has scaled down orders for handset parts and components at the end of the third quarter.

Source: Digitimes