Google Voice Search For Maps Is Live Via Chrome

If you’re using Google Chrome and like to play with Google Maps than we’ve got news for you. Voice search for Google Maps is live.

Google Maps users on a Chrome browser can simply press the microphone button on Google Maps and talk to the interface. Commands like “Find” and then an address or a point of interest and voila it should pop up.  While the voice recognition isn’t perfect it’s a far cry from what it was like when Grand Central became Google Voice.

We didn’t have the same problem, but Chris Velazco at TechCrunch had repeated problems with the “get directions: command.  The start and end point wouldn’t land in the correct box. However, as with everything Google does, they are constantly improving it.  The get directions command is supposed to work by saying “get directions from x” to “x” should yield maps.

Now just in case you weren’t reading or there was any confusion but this post pertains to Google Maps on Chrome, not Android.

source: Google Lat Long via TechCrunch

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