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Google Videos App Available For Android Phones Froyo And Higher

The Google Videos app that Google announced at I/O back in May is now ready for mass adoption.  Google has released a version of Google Videos that will work with any Android device with Android 2.2 or better.

If you aren’t familiar, Google Videos allows you to rent movies from the Android Market.  Google’s online video store has thousands and thousands of movies to choose from. You can make the decision whether you want to stream the movie or download it locally for viewing off network. It also works on wifi and 3g so if you need to save money on your tiered data plan, just use wifi.

Google Videos is part of the comprehensive new Android Market which highlights movies, books and apps available to your handset.

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Google Videos also catalogs all the videos you already have on your Android phone whether you shot the video yourself or downloaded it from another source. All your videos, including your rentals, are stored and cataloged in one app.  Google videos is especially great on Android tablets and phones with HDMI outputs for watching movies on the go like at hotels.

There are mixed comments in the Android Market for Google Videos including varying opinions on video quality, problems with YouTube and that Google Videos won’t work on rooted devices.

By offering Google Videos on all phones with Android 2.2 or better they are giving many Android handset users an alternative to NetFlix which may not work with their current device.

source: PhoneArena

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