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Google TV One Step Closer To Androidification

If Google can make up the word Androidify for their silly little avatar app, we can make up the word Androidification for this story. Androidification means that the device is about to become Androidified as in the HP TouchPad and Google TV.

A very exciting note appeared today on the official Google TV Blog.  A Google TV preview has been released today as part of the Android SDK.  This means that Android developers can start building for GoogleTV and use the preview to emulate how their apps will work on the big screen.  Google TV is a bit of a challenge because it doesn’t have the touchscreen interface that Android devices have.

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According to the Google TV blog the preview will also emulate the Google TV ecosystem and features that are only found on the tv.  For instance, the ability to call up channel line ups.  At the same time, Google warns that apps that call for non touch-screen features will not show up in the Android market on Google TV once the Android Market is available.

Of course the announcement did not come with a time frame as to when we can expect the next version of Google TV, Honeycomb on a Google TV or the Android Market on Google TV.

source: GoogleTV blog

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