Google Teams With The Weather Channel & US Naval Research Lab For Weather Layer On Google Maps

For the time being this exciting news only pertains to Google Maps online (or on your PC or Mac), but we’re pretty certain it will be available via Google Maps for mobile any day now.

Google has teamed with The Weather Channel’s and the US Naval Research Lab for a new comprehensive weather layer to go on top of Google Maps.  This is one of the features we’ve been waiting on for a long time and figured it would only be natural.  Now while using Google Maps to plan out a trip or route you can see how the weather is going to be without having to flip back and forth from to Google maps.

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The new weather layer is filled with great features. For instance you can glance anywhere on Google Maps and tell not only what the weather is but whether it’s day or night at the particular time you’re looking at it.

The weather layer will resemble the national (or international) maps we’re used to seeing on the tv news.  Little icons of sun, clouds, rain, snow etc will hover above the location you’re looking at.  If you drill down in the map and then click a weather icon for a particular city you can get the current conditions and an extended 4 day forecast (for trip planning). You can even see what the weather is like in Alaska or Australia.

Most of the weather info is powered by The Weather Channel’s site. Information on cloud cover and atmospheric conditions is powered by the US Naval Research lab. Although it wasn’t mentioned in the official Google Blog post about the weather layer, we imagine that you’ll also be able to see weather emergencies like hurricanes and tornadoes since is the backbone for this information.

Want to see for yourself click here

Source: The official Google Blog

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